Petition for review of January 2015 revocation

KSBHA response to order from District Court to properly address record keeping violations

Objection to Amended Statement of Costs – the figure offered by the Board attorneys “is not based on substantial and competent evidence” – Board members did not appear to comprehend any of this discussion; see transcript above.

KSBHA Amended Statement of Costs – Board decides to just cut the cost to a third of the original total cost, since there were originally 3 violations – despite being unwilling or unable to provide substantial and competent evidence for this course of action. Board attorney cites “stacks of receipts” as supporting evidence. Is it possible that the Board’s pricey East Coast witness, Dr. Liza Gold, has a “record keeping problem” of her own?

District court decision predominantly in favor of Dr. Neuhaus

State of Kansas bill for proceedings against Dr. Neuhaus

Open letter to KSBHA Board members

Phill Kline Inquisition 2006

Dr. Neuhaus’ testimony at Dr. Tiller ‘s 2009 trial

Kansas State Board of Healing Arts 2011 hearing on behalf of Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue

KSBHA’s Washington, DC expert anti-choice forensic (criminal) psychiatrist, Dr. Liza Gold:

  • Has admitted that she has no relevant experience caring for pregnant patients
  • Can not imagine any circumstance in which an abortion would be necessary (her words)
  • During deposition, refused to state her position on abortion but later, after evident coaching by Board attorneys, was able to equivocate enough to sound cognizant of the fact that abortion is a legal right.

The world’s foremost expert on DSM VI-TR responds to Dr. Gold’s misrepresentations of Dr. Neuhaus’ use of DTREE

  • Dr. Michael First – DTREE expert – letter Dr. First is arguably the world’s foremost expert on the DSM and the computer program, DTREE which is based on it. The letter clearly explains the critical misinformation or misrepresentations in Dr. Gold’s testimony, which were accepted at face value by Mr. Gaschler in his opinion.

Mr. Edward Gaschler’s February 2012 opinion – completely ignores all defense evidence – laughable hyperbole includes patients lives being endangered, presumably by a missing signature.

KSBHA launches yet another investigation over a date error on Dr. Neuhaus’ curriculum vitae (resume)

Letter to Operation Rescue demanding they stop defamatory publishing

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