Topeka restaurant server refuses Brownback tip and tells him to…

Kansas Exposed

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback frequents a popular restaurant in Topeka, called Boss Hawgs. Chloe Hough, a former server at the restaurant, decided that she did not want a tip from Brownback, and brought him his credit card slip with the tip area crossed out. Hough included this brief message for the governor:

Chloe says that Brownback was actually her last customer at that job, so she was able to express her opinion without fear of being fired for it, as she was already ending her employment at the restaurant.

Chloe gave this statement to Kansas Exposed explaining why she refused Brownback’s tip:

“Brownback is anti-education. He and his followers are helping to put Kansas back in the dark ages by gutting our infrastructure and opportunities. It’s more than a money thing. Intellectual capital is founded in education, without which society cannot and will not progress.”

Chloe Hough, Topeka restaurant server who refused Brownback's tip. Chloe Hough, Topeka restaurant server…

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