Petition DoJ to Investigate Operation Rescue

Demand The Department Of Justice Investigate Operation Rescue
Target: Attorney General Eric Holder Jr.
Sponsored by: Jessica Pieklo

Operation Rescue, a radical anti-abortion group with known ties to acts of domestic terrorism targeting abortion providers and clinics, is posting on-line private health information of women and girls who had abortions, and the State of Kansas is going right along with it. This needs to stop and those reponsible held accountable.

Operation Rescue insists it got the records lawfully and they won’t do anything with the names and other personal information of the women and girls who were patients at Central Family Medicine in Kansas City, Kansas.

But these women and girls did not consent to Operation Rescue possessing, let along publishing this information. Not only is the state of Kansas ingoring possible criminal violations by Operation Rescue but it is using that information to investigate the clinic instead.

Enough is enough. The Department of Justice must investigate not only how Operation Rescue came into possession of these documents and how they ended up published on-line. Operation Rescue has unnecessarily endangered the lives of these women and girls and this kind of criminal harassment and abuse must end.


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