Egglicans Unite! More fried, scrambled, and over-easy politics fresh from #Brownbackistan

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Kansas Personhood Amendment Co-Sponsors

The pictures below represent the current House co-sponsors of the Kansas Personhood Amendment.

If you do not see your Representative on this list, please contact them today THANK THEM FOR NOT supporting the Kansas Personhood Amendment!!!!

Visit the website of the Kansas Legislature to find them on the House roster HERE:

Find them by your home address or county HERE:

Or call 1-800-432-3924 and leave a message for your Representative! It’s easy, and it only takes a minute. Just leave your city and they will deliver your message.

What is the matter with Kansas, verse whatever….

Kansas legislators who believe that an egg has the same civil rights as you do. Doh.

Kansas Co-Sponsors
First Row: Rep. Randy Garber, Sabetha; Rep. Steve Huebert, Valley Center; Rep. Jana Goodman, Leavenworth; Rep. Kyle Hoffman, Coldwater; Rep. Jim Howell, Derby
Second Row: Rep. Joe Seiwert, Pretty Prairie; Rep. Mario Goico, Wichita; Rep. TerriLois Gregory, Baldwin City; Rep. Connie O’Brien, Tonganoxie; Rep. Vince Wetta, Wellington
Third Row: Rep. Rick Billinger, Goodland; Rep. Benny Boman, Wichita; Rep. Terry Calloway, Pittsburg; Rep. Dan Collins, Plainville; Rep. Dave Crum, Augusta
Fourth Row: Rep. James Fawcett, Junction City; Rep. Gary Hayzlett, Lakin; Rep. Dennis Hedke, Wichita; Rep. Forrest Knox, Altoona; Rep. Reynaldo Mesa, Garden City
Fifth Row: Rep. Bill Otto, LeRoy; Rep. Larry Powell, Garden City; Rep. Joseph Scapa, Wichita; Rep. Virgil Peck, Tyro; Rep. Trent LeDoux, Holton


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