…where 4 out of 5 people actually think Rush Limbaugh knows something

Update:  Dr. Neuhaus’ Board hearing has been continued until April 13

NEW!  Ask Dr. Brownback: not-so-useful medical advice from that loveable zealot in the Governor’s Mansion!


if you happen to enjoy this sort of thing, we could use some help with it (writing the propaganda and satire)

Public Service Announcement: The formation of a new governmental entity, the Kansas Department of Vagina

Let me know what you think Sam.  It is definitely a win-win for the state of KS.  We will look like we are pushing the boundaries of technology, creating jobs and playing God in the process.  Isn’t that really what you are after anyway?  I also want to recommend a state motto change – Kansas: where your vagina is everyone’s business.

Kansas may rank dead last as a popular tourist destination, but we are unrivaled as truly world class generators of laughing stock material. A causal link, perhaps?

Steven Colbert weighs in on the latest heresy in Brownbackistan

On the murky origins of “Brownbackistan

from the Pitch article:

The whole “Brownbackistan” thing is difficult to trace, having only been added to the Urban Dictionary back in June. The earliest reference to the “pseudo-Christian fascist state where the arts are not publicly funded” seems to be a posting to the Democratic Underground site back in April.

Y’all cum back now, hear?!

Thank you wylkatz, that pretty much says it all….


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