Meet the Kansas Medical Board – a snapshot

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If your odds of having been investigated by KSBHA are greater than 50-50, YOU MIGHT BE AN ABORTION PROVIDER. In other words, if you DO provide abortion services in Kansas, you are MORE LIKELY THAN NOT to have been harassed, investigated, censured or stripped of your license by the Kansas medical board.

The only “legitimate” investigation against me, that is, one in which the complaint was filed by an actual patient, was a case in which the patient, a destitute teenage mother living with her mother, her toddler, and four siblings, who to her great credit, testified during deposition that she had done so at the urging of her family in hope of financial gain, after seeing a news story on TV.

This self-prejudicial testimony did not stop KSBHA attorney Kelli Stevens from feeding the girl’s financial expectations and putting her on the stand to testify that Dr. Neuhaus had not in fact, as asserted by Ms. Stevens (then Benintendi) performed an abortion against her will.

Ironically, this patient had received a significantly discounted fee for her procedure in recognition of her circumstances. She did not express any dissatisfaction or complications at her follow-up visit, and did not file a malpractice suit subsequently.

This provides insight into how these government agencies can cause irreparable harm, by propagating falsehoods to the media, which even though later disproved, have already caused permanent damage to the reputation and financial resources of the victim. In fact, this was the primary reason the Lawrence clinic could not have continued in its former capacity, even had I wished it to given our family circumstances at that time, in 2002.

Kris Neuhaus, MD

Everyone else, not so much. If you DO NOT provide abortions, your likelihood of being investigated, harassed, censured, or stripped of your license is probably LESS THAN 1%.

Look for yourself, they publish it on their site.


KCTV5’s investigation reveals that in 2008, the KSBHA board approved the license of another doctor with a history of medical mistakes and malpractice payouts. One patient died after a drill mishap in the operating room. A surgical error caused repeated electrical shocks to a second patient. And a third patient wasn’t even that doctor’s patient. The physician didn’t notice, ended up performing brain surgery on the wrong man and caused permanent damage.

In contrast, Dr. Neuhaus has never even had a malpractice suit filed against her, much less had a judgment against her, in over 25 years of general medical practice in the State of Kansas.

If you need more proof that the Kansas medical board isn’t preoccupied with regulating Kansas licensees’ political orientation check this out.

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